"Carliadora's mission is to empower & inspire modest women by offering tudung collection from superior materials, catering to diverse style preferences and timeless designs."

The story behind Carliadora by RAINBOW DREAM ENTERPRISE (LA0059568-V), a budding tudung/hijab brand that aimed to cater to the needs of Muslim women. The founders have that typical Malaysian skin color and a round face, which made finding the perfect hijab/tudung a daunting task for them. The available materials could never quite cover our chubby cheeks, and the hijab/tudung with good quality and trendy designs were always too expensive.

Determined to make a difference, we embarked on a mission to create a hijab/tudung that were not only affordable but also exuded a luxurious feel. We believed that every modest woman should have access to premium quality tudung/hijab, irrespective of their budget. Every design was carefully curated to be timeless, transcending generations, ensuring that mothers, daughters, and nieces could all embrace the beauty of Carliadora.

Our vision didn't stop there. We knew that the key to feel confident and beautiful in a tudung/hijab lay in finding the right style that suited each individual's face shape and complemented their skin color. So, we took extra approach to educate our customers about the various hijab styles and colors that could enhance your unique features.

With dedication and passion, we hope that Carliadora blossomed into a beloved brand, making Muslim women across Malaysia feel empowered and beautiful. Carliadora will no longer just about tudung/hijab; it became a movement celebrating diversity and timeless elegance.